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Who We are…
The Hart House Student Literary and Library Committee (HHSL&LC) provides opportunities for U of T students and community members to explore the literary arts. The committee encompasses numerous, distinct areas of the literary world through the Hart House Library, Writer’s Co-op, professional and creative development panels, and engaging literary-based activities. The HHSL&LC also publishes the Hart House Review, an annual literary and art journal, and coordinates an annual poetry and prose contest.

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New Episodes Bi-Weekly

Every other Friday, join Alexander Lynch and the Hart House Student Literary and Library Committee as they talk about literary “big ideas” with UofT professors and Canadian authors, showcase emerging authors from around the Hart House community, and chat about the books they love.

Upcoming events
Hart House Library
The Hart House Student Literary and Library Committee is responsible for overseeing the one-of-a-kind Hart House Library, located on the University of Toronto, St.George Campus in the historic Hart House building.
Hart House Literary Contest
an annual literary tradition that gives emerging writers of the Hart House community an opportunity to have their work professionally reviewed by a panel of judges.

Virtual Library
Keep Up-to-Date on the Hart House Library through online reading lists, book selections, and collection showcases
Writer’s Co-op
an HHSL&LC subcommittee that hosts free, public writing workshops at Hart House throughout the academic year
Media Library

What We’re reading…