Fall Writing Prompts

Here at the HHL&LC, we understand how writing is sometimes a difficult process but that its fruits are numerous and incomparable. Whether you are a seasoned, accomplished writer or a new-learner, who is just dipping their foot into the literary world, we have compiled a list of writing prompts and exercises to get your mind and pen working.

  • Word sprint! Pull up your draft or start something new and see how many words you can write in 10 minutes. (Pro tip: Get a friend to join and see who can write the most words!)
  • Your heartbeat is lost to the thrum of the approaching waterfall. Your hair catches stray droplets while your leather satchel sags with the weight of a mysterious parcel. What are you delivering?
  • Write a draft including the words: refrigerator, salient, and betwixt.
  • What would happen if matter could be created but never destroyed?
  • The themes are revenge, sports, and anthropomorphism. Start writing!
  • This is your view: [choose image from https://unsplash.com/s/photos/view]. What brings you here?
  • BOOM! ZAP! SHH. How many onomatopoeias can you include in your draft in 15 minutes?  
  • What can you smell right now? If that scent was a person, who would they be?
  • Look up a cooking video. Describe the person’s movements as they prepare the dish.
  • This is the poet: [choose image from https://imgflip.com/memetemplates or pull up a meme]. What’s their poem?

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