August Reading Roundup

Need some reading inspiration? Check out the books the HHL&LC has been reading, recommending, and talking about over the past month. Visit our Instagram for weekly book and author recommendations or check out the Endnote podcast to hear discussions about reading, writing, and more!

This summer, we focused on expanding our reading lists to include authors of color and unique perspectives, and looking for reads that relate to a number of global issues, from racism to education to the environment. Below are the books we’ve been reading that contain diverse perspectives, offer valuable social commentary, and give us insight into current issues.

The Sixth Extinction- Elizabeth Kolbert

Tambourines to Glory– Langston Hughes

The Source of Self-Regard– Toni Moriston

The Phantom Tollbooth– Norton Juster

The Death of Artemio Cruz- Carlos Fuentes

This Side of Paradise- F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Trial- Franz Kafka

A Map to the Door of No Return- Dionne Brand

Swing Time- Zadie Smith

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