Resources for Writers

The Writers Union of Canada: a national organisation comprised of professional writers.

Canadian Council For the Arts: a federally-funded art foundation devoted to fostering and promoting arts in Canada.

Ontario Arts Council: a Province of Ontario agency aimed at supporting arts eduction, indigenous art, community art, and etc.

Ministry of Heritage, Sport, and Tourism, and Culture Industries: supports economic growth through the arts and culture industries

Toronto Arts Council: the City of Toronto’s body for artists and art organisations.

Writers’ Trust Mentorship: connects emerging writers with an established mentor in the literary field.

Association of Canadian Publishers: a national organisation for Canadian publishers; provides a directory of publishers by region.

Toronto Writers Collective: inspires and empowers the voices of the ‘unheard’ in Toronto, providing a safe and inclusive space for the homeless, LGBTQ2A+ folks, women at risk, and Indigenous communities.

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