Hip Hop Playlist III


December 2020

“KING OF THE TOWN” by DillanPonders

“Apply Pressure” (ft. Kevin Gates) by Merkules

“Family 2 Feed” by YSN Fab

“Scarborough” by Kofi

“Friends & Family” by NAV

“Who Am I” by Kay Bandz

“On My life” by Mally Swayzz

“Pressure” by ShaqIsDope

“Sun Goes Down” by Jimmy Prime

“Some More” by Brandon Taylor, Golden Bsp, Merkules

“August Rain” by Lou Phelps

“Sister” by Sean Leon

“Change” by YaYa

“Waves” by Emma Beko

“Opia” by Savannah Re

‘Grow Up!” by Exmiranda

“Good Old Life” by Mindflip

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