Where to find the Hart House Review

If you are interested in reading issues of the Hart House Review from previous years, you can find them in the Hart House Library, which is located on the second floor of Hart House, on the U of T St George campus.

When you enter the library, go to the little nook on the right hand side. Like all other publications in the library, these are only available for reading in the library.

Before the pandemic, we held launch events at the Hart House twice a year, when visitors could pick up their own copy of the Review. If we have remaining copies after the launch, we leave them in the Hart House Library for readers to pick up.

We are currently working to catch up with delayed issues from last year and we are hoping to be able to host events again later this year – pandemic restrictions permitting.

In the meantime, do visit the Hart House Library and have a look at our previous issues, if you get a chance to. (Make sure to check first the current requirements to enter Hart House.) This is especially a good idea if you are thinking of submitting or applying for a volunteer position with the HHR.

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