Hart House Library

The Hart House Library is an organic space, a living institution which grows and adapts to the ever-changing needs of our dedicated multi-demographic patrons. Under the stewardship of the Literary and Library Committee, the library seeks to be all-inclusive by offering a variety of opportunities to student groups and volunteers to participate in building a stronger literary community at Hart House and maintaining a relevant and special collection of literature to reflect the library’s evolving interests.

Hart House library is a reading and browsing library, whose unique contribution to the university experience and to Canada’s literacy culture has been attested by generations of students, including many of Canada’s promising writers and leaders. The library’s physical character is consistent with its cultural and historical character. This requires that, first, the library be maintained as readers space, not a study space, and second, that a conservation-oriented approach be taken to physical change.

Address: 7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3

using the library

Hart House Library seeks to provide a welcoming environment free from harassment and discrimination. Ontario Human Rights Code serves as the underlying structure to prevent intolerable conduct and provide everyone with fair and equitable access.

Rules of Conduct:

1. Threatening, abusive, discriminatory or harassing language or conduct of any kind is not allowed.
2. Damage, misuse, or theft of library materials, equipment and property is not allowed.
3. Disruptive or intrusive behaviour is not allowed.
4. Members of the public may not make requests for service based on prohibited grounds
of discrimination under the Human Rights Code.
5. Children requiring supervision must not be left unattended on library premises.
6. Library materials may not be taken into washrooms.
7. Posting notices, distributing petitions, soliciting or engaging in any commercial activity on library property must not be conducted without prior written approval of the Library Curator and Hart House.
8. Photographing, filming or video recording on library property must not be conducted without prior written approval of Hart House.
9. Members of the public must wear shirts and shoes and other appropriate attire.
11. Animals are not permitted in library buildings, except in authorized programs or when needed to assist a person with a disability.

Fire Alarm:

In the event that the fire alarm sounds, the building must be evacuated. Do NOT use elevators, keep clear of the building to allow emergency access, and do NOT re-enter the building until authorized by the Fire Officer.

Using the Library Books

Hart House Library is a special collections library which contains over 5,000 volumes in its ever growing inventory. Some of the titles in this collection are rare signed first-editions and some are simply unique and hard to find books. Although Hart House Library books and materials cannot be checked out, library users are more than welcome to read them in the library. With literary readings scheduled on monthly basis, the library is more than just a repository of books – it is a social space where students can actively engage with the world of literature and the arts.

For accessing Library books please visit http://www.librarything.com/profile/HartHouseLibrary

Returning Library materials

You can leave the books on the tables or hand them to the volunteer librarian at the front desk. Please do not re-shelf the books.