S3 E4: Event: An Introduction

Alex and Madison introduce our new Dialogues theme, “Event.” They focus on the provisional thesis for the series: namely, that literature, as an artistic form for which the demarcation between the possible and the impossible is constitutively uncertain, intervenes decisively in the social processes that establish certain artistic, ethical, and political events as miracles (that is, as occurrences that exceed their causes).

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Applications Open: Endnote 2022/23 Staff

Endnote is now hiring for its 2022/23 season! You can find the application form here. The deadline to apply is June 27th at 11:59 p.m. If you have any questions about Endnote, the open positions, or the application process, contact Alexander Lynch (alexander.lynch@mail.utoronto.ca). You can find descriptions of the available positions below.


Series Host: we are looking for one host for our Next Generation series and one co-host for our Book Club series, which feature conversations with emerging authors from the Hart House community and L&L executives, respectively. Hosts will develop episode topics, conduct research for and write interview questions, reach out to guests, and host interviews.

Social Media Manager: the social media manager will produce social media content to promote the podcast on L&L communications channels. Likely forms of content include: social media posts (graphics, descriptions, interview quotes), blog posts, book lists, and interview transcripts.

Audio Editor: the audio editor will use Adobe Audition or a comparable platform (subscription provided by L&L) to edit podcast episodes for release. Applicants for this position need not have personal/professional experience with audio editing, as this can be taught in the early weeks of the position as necessary.

Production Staff: production staff will assist with episode research and writing—in particular, for our main series, Endnote Dialogues (theme TBD)—and other facets of podcast administration.

S2 E16: Fashion Writing w/ Lauren Gillingham

On this episode, Alex speaks with Professor Lauren Gillingham (uOttawa English) about nineteenth-century novelists’ engagements with fashion as they relate to her forthcoming book, Fashionable Fictions and the Currency of the Nineteenth-Century British Novel (Cambridge UP). Key topics of conversation include nineteenth-century conceptions of time and history; the relationships between fashion and class; and two key novels, Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret and Dickens’s Bleak House.

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