Be Good to Yourself, Whoever You Are with Ronna Bloom

In this workshop with U of T’s poet-in-community Ronna Bloom, through the use of poems and prompts, participats wrote and reflected on what sustains them, what they love and what they need, taking this time for themselves as a flicker of possibility of how they might take time for themselves in general. Keep an eye out for more workshops with Ronna Bloom coming up!

Lingua Fantastica: How to Construct a Fictional Language

In October, Sienna Tristen, fantasy author and linguist by training, came back with her partner Avi Silver for a brand-new workshop at Hart House. In this two-part series, they discussed the benefits and pitfalls of building a language from scratch, and how to effectively use a fictional tongue in your science fiction and fantasy stories. Visit Avi and Sienna’s own fantasy world and learn more about what they’re doing here:

Intentional Worldbuilding: Creating a Fictional World

Over the course of three weeks, Writer’s Co-op favorites Avi Silver and Sienna Tristen, creators of multimedia storytelling platform The Shale Project, ran this workshop series focused on navigating the complexities of building a fictional world from the ground-up. They discussed making setting a character, drafting a society’s blueprints, and defining individual characters within the world of a story. Keep an eye out for more fantastic worldbuilding events with Avi and Sienna coming up!

From Language, Life!: Worldbuilding Workshops

The worldbuilding workshops we hosted in February 2020 were jam-packed with information on the creation of settings, cultures, and entire worlds. Led by authors Avi Silver and Sienna Tristen, we created our own worlds from the ground up, beginning with geography and ending with language. The workshops were joyful and insightful, and prompted us to consider the structures, symbols, and quirks of our own cultures. More worldbuilding is coming next year. Visit Avi and Sienna’s own world called Shale here:

Workshops with Ronna Bloom

Poet in Community, Ronna Bloom, has joined us regularly to host our end-of-semester workshops. Her workshops are personal and cathartic, as everyone is encouraged to share and discuss as we move through writing prompts tailored to the workshops’ themes. Sessions are open to the public.

Decent Exposure Workshop Series

The Decent Exposure Workshop Series occurs in either the Fall or Winter semester, depending on the year. Taught by the English Master’s Students at the University of Toronto, the workshops cover the basics of genre and style in a small classroom setting. The 1.5-hour sessions occur every other week for the span of the semester, with time allotted for sharing and critique. Small groups are formed to allow participants to receive personalized feedback from one another. Application forms are posted on the Facebook event a month in advance. The workshops are free and open to students and non-students alike. Check our Facebook page for updates!