The Hart House Student Literary and Library Committee is committed to providing free, accessible, and safe opportunities for students and community members to develop their creative writing skills; explore voices, genres, books, and literary movements; network with emerging and established writers from across the Greater Toronto Area; and learn about literature as a professional industry.

  • January 2023


  • December 2022


  • November 2022

    Shale Project Workshop – November 15

    Social Justice Reading List – Grief, Loss and Love: Intergenerational trauma and resistance

    Baseline Chapbook Launch – November 25

    Decent exposure workshop applications open on November 21st!

  • October 2022

    Dead Poets Society: October 29

    Social Justice Reading list – Horror and Fantasy: A Racial and Gendered Experience

Upcoming Events

Join us on a poetry-sharing night! The location will be The Burwash Room, Second Floor, Hart House

Shale Project Workshop

The hart house literary and library committee is proud to welcome instructors Avi Silver and Sienna Tristen for our shale project workshop! This is a beginner’s guide for fantasy writers, and it takes you through the specifics of genre and world-building. The workshop will take place online on November 15, from 5 to 7 PM. Click on the link below to sign up!

Date: November 15, 2022

Time & Duration: 5 to 7 PM EST (2 hr)

Cost: Free


Join us on Friday, November 25 at 6:30 PM at Hart House Library to celebrate the Baseline Chapbook Launch!


Are you an emerging writer looking to hone your craft?
This year, Hart House will be offering Decent Exposure, an online creative writing workshop put on by emerging professional writers currently enrolled in the Creative Writing Master’s Program at the University of Toronto. Over the course of this eight-week workshop, participants will get an opportunity to receive both written and verbal feedback on their own work, as well as taking part in discussions and exercises meant to increase their understanding of the mechanics of writing.
Those accepted to be part of the workshop are expected to commit to attending the workshop on a bi-weekly basis during the Winter (S) semester, as well as reading, annotating, and offering thoughtful feedback on the work of their peers. To apply, please fill out the following form and return it to:

ongoing prograMs

Hip-Hop Literature

Deconstruct the Library


Our guiding theme for 2021-2022 is “BRiNK!”.

HHSL&LC programming and events for 2021-2022 explores the liminal space of the literary world – the movements, genres, and voices in literature that have yet have to been discovered and which push the boundaries of what we typically call ‘literature.’ From the development of popular literature genres, such as food writing and Broadway musicals, to new academic movements and topics such as hip hop and migratory aesthetics, our focus is on the unforeseen, the brink of literature.

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