Our Team

Allison Zhao (she/her)

Allison is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in English and public policy, and a minor in urban studies. Previously, she has worked with the HHSL&LC as its treasurer for two years and is excited to be returning as co-chair for 2022-2023. She has a fondness for coffee in all the forms she has so far encountered and has recently restarted playing the piano. When not in class or with the HHSL&LC, Allison can also be found with the UC Review and the Goose, as well as planning writing projects that she never gets around to.

Aline Nayir (she/her)

Aline is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto and is double majoring in History and Literature and Critical Theory. Her academic interests lie primarily within cultural history, and she has a love for libraries and archives.

Aayu Pandey (they/she)

Aayu is a third-year undergraduate at the University of Toronto, pursuing a Physics and Philosophy Specialist with a Math Minor. They’re a published author of a science fantasy trilogy. Their primary pastime is solving math problems, buying books and never reading them, and making chai for their friends. This is their third year with the Committee.

Liliana Bechtold (she/her)

Lily is in her final year double majoring in Public Policy and Urban Studies. She is passionate about providing a platform for young writers, artists, and creatives to grow and share their work. She is also on staff at Body Without Organs journal.

Alexander Lynch (he/him)
Podcast Coordinator

Alexander Lynch is a fourth-year undergraduate specializing in English literature, with particular interests in the Victorian novel and critical theory (Marxist, poststructuralist). In addition to his work on L&L’s Endnote podcast, he is serving as the treasurer of the UofT English Students’ Union; in past, he has worked as a research assistant for the Modernist Archives Publishing Project, Project Dialogism, and Representative Poetry Online and as an editor for the Arbor and Saeculum undergraduate journals.

Kyleeanne Wood (she/her)
Literary Contest Co-Coordinator

I am a second-year undergraduate student specializing in Literature and Critical Theory and minoring in Creative Expression and Society. My academic interests lie in avant-garde literature. Yet, I also enjoy reading lengthy narratives, fast-paced thrillers, and comic books. In my free time, I also like to hike in the woods, watch ballet videos, and go to coffee shops. 

Jacky Yu (he/him)
Literary Contest Co-Coordinator

I am a second-year student majoring in English and Sociology and minoring in the Education and Society program. I was a first-year representative for Hart House’s Lit and Lib committee last year which was how I was introduced to the team. I have a huge passion for literature and literary criticism and love to read and write. Aside from this, I’m also a senior editor for The Spectatorial, UofT science-fiction journal, as well as an active member in the UofT tabletop gaming and hiking community. My favourite genres are definitely dark fantasy and tragedy. I’m looking forward to being in this community this year!

Josefina Novoa (she/her)
Communications Coordinator

Josefina is a third-year undergraduate student specializing in anthropology and minoring in material culture. She is passionate about poetry, fiction (especially Jane Austen) and bad movies. I have a very deep love for museums and libraries.

Helia Karami (she/her)
Equity and Diversity Co-Officer

Helia is a third-year student double-majoring in Global Health and Political science with a minor in Immunology. In the rare instances in which she’s not sleeping or studying you will likely find her reading. She’s a big poetry fan and enjoys deciphering and analyzing poetry. She’s a coffee and boba addict which, in her opinion, is the worst possible combination of addiction to exist. She’s also an avid tennis fan. If she has spare time, she’s looking through book reviews trying to pick out her next read.

Angelin Thipahar (she/her)
Writer’s Co-Op

I am entering my fourth year at UofT as a Human Biology and Bioethics major. Despite my science background, I’ve always had a particular interest and appreciation for the written word. My current favourite genre to read is mythological retellings. I like how they tend to embody the idea of “nothing new under the sun” yet present themselves as fresh and exciting. As the head of Writers Co-op, I look forward to furthering the creative pursuits of students and working with a brilliant group of people.  

Aria Lorenz (she/her)
Equity and Diversity Co-Officer

Aria Lorenz (she/her) is currently an undergraduate student specializing in English and minoring in political science at the University of Toronto, Trinity College. This year, she has the privilege of serving as one of the Equity and Diversity Officers for Hart House’s Literary and Library Committee. In her academics, Aria’s research focuses on Critical Disability, Queer and Feminist Theories. Aria is looking forward to using not only her academic research but her own lived experiences to help ensure equity and diversity are at the forefront of HHL&LC’s programming. In her free time, Aria enjoys reading, creative writing, baking, figure skating & long walks.  

Bruce Crown (he/him)
Editor in Chief of the Hart House Review

Bruce Crown (he/him) is from Toronto. He is an alumnus of the University of Toronto and the University of Copenhagen. He has penned four novels. They are sold wherever books are sold. He splits his time between Copenhagen and Toronto.

Endnote podcast team

Marta Anielska
Book Club Host

Marta Anielska (they/them) is an English specialist and French language and literature major in their third year at the University of Toronto and a co-host on the Endnote segment Book Club. They are also the deputy news editor at The Varsity, managing editor for the creative collective RANI Creative, and an executive for the Victoria Screenwriting Club. They write short stories on their own time and are developing a novel idea.

Athena Bucci
Production Staff Member

Athena Bucci (she/her) is a production staff member with Endnote. She is a 4th Year undergraduate student, Majoring in English, and double minoring in Book & Media Studies and Creative Expression & Society. She has previously and continues to work with HHL&LC, The Mike, and Mnerva Literary Journal. Her work has been published in The Mike, Mnerva, and with the Young Writer’s of Canada.

Rion Levy
Production Staff Member

Rion Levy (he/him) is a second-year at Victoria College specializing in Literature & Critical Theory and double minoring in Spanish and Material Culture & Semiotics. He is a current Undergraduate Fellow with the Northrop Frye Centre researching Peter Orlovsky, and American Surrealism. He also works for The Strand as Associate Arts & Culture Editor, for Endnote on the production team, and serves as the Literature & Critical Theory Student’s Union’s Editor-in-Chief.

Roxy Moldovanu
Production Staff Member

Roxy is a second-year undergraduate at the University of Toronto, specializing in English Literature and minoring in Education Studies. She is a production staff member at Endnote. In 2019–20, she edited for the UTM English and Drama Student Society’s journal, With Caffeine and Careful Thought. This year, she is excited to act as the UTM EDSS’ Social/Academic Events Director, and she is thrilled to be part of the Endnote production team.

Elizabeth Snugovsky
Social Media Manager

Elizabeth (she/her) is the social media manager of Endnote Podcast and a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a major in English and minors in History and Slavic Languages and Literatures. Her academic interests lie in 18th century Russian literature, but she is also an avid reader of YA novels and manga. She is passionate about the importance of libraries to local communities and loves to visit museums and art galleries.